4 in 7 (and some goals for August)

Well, what usually happens happened.  I signed up for 7 posts in 7 days and only managed 4.  It turns out that I only have so much time in the day. (News flash, right.) I can work on homeschool records OR I can clean out the curriculum bookcase OR I can log calories at Calorie Count OR I can make bread OR I can blog.  Combining any of those is suspect and will cause me to stay up too late. 

I did have fun writing my 4 posts, though.  My kids wanted to know how it was possible to think of enough to write about to do a post a day.  This is the difference between novelists and short story writers, incidentally.  Novelists have no idea how short story writers can begin so often.  Short story writers have no idea how novelists can write so many words on the same idea.  Myself, I can blather on quite a lot about nothing much at all, therefore relieving the idea problem and revealing myself to you as a novelist after all.

Well, once upon a time anyway.

But it was nice to get a little nudge toward blogging more often.  I was recently reading through my old blog Three Plus Two for ideas for this school year, and I noticed that many years ago — say five years ago, for instance — I blogged a lot more frequently.  

So I’d like to keep that up.  I’d like to blog more often.  I think it will probably be one of my goals this month, along with adding weights to my workout and getting all of the high school records up to date.  And cleaning out the curriculum bookcase.

Goals for August:

1. Log food on Calorie Count website, because I do think it helps me keep the weight loss on track. 
2. Finish transcript and course descriptions for my rising junior.
3. Keep up with the Learning in Review posts, especially as we start into the new school year.
4. Keep getting up at 6 and showering first thing. (Doing pretty good on this so far.)
5. Make a schedule that gets my teenagers out the door for their coop classes on time. (More on the coop classes later.)
6. Finish setting up new bookcases and sorting/purging books.
7. Ease the middle boys back into language arts and math. 
8. Finish plans for Ancient History/Western Civ and order books.
9. Keep up with the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.  (Must make freezer salsa today… and probably tomorrow… and maybe the day after that…)
10. Be more disciplined about planning breakfasts and getting them done/set up the night before!
11. Figure out a plan for packing lunches for the people who need lunches packed.
12. Breathe!

Well.  I think I could go on making goals, because there are only about 4000 things I need to get done this month.  Hopefully September will be a little less intense after I work on the big things — recordkeeping, planning, book sorting and ordering — this month.  Having a baby at the end of March seems to have put me off the usual routine by about 2 months.  When we were finishing our first official year of homeschooling (kindergarten) with Gareth, I had a baby (George) at the end of April.  But there were only three kids then and not so many logistics to handle.  I remember that summer as a good one.  I read poetry to the older two kids while they played in the inflatable pool on the patio.  We went to the park and took nature walks and drew in nature journals. There was glitter glue.  Things have changed a lot since then.  Summer time to me no longer feels like “vacation”.  I usually look forward to starting school so I can stop working so hard on planning school.  Considering the fact that August starts in two days and the high school coop classes start next week, I’m feeling a little like a juggler trying to keep a dozen plates in the air with no real idea of how she’s going to keep them up.

In my to-do notebook, I wrote on my list last night, PRAY!

I think that and goal #12 are going to be the most important.    

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  1. “I remember that summer as a good one. I read poetry to the older two kids while they played in the inflatable pool on the patio. We went to the park and took nature walks and drew in nature journals. There was glitter glue. Things have changed a lot since then. “

    Totally get this!! I often reminisce over the winter we bought home our 4th, his newborn days stand in my memory forever. 4 children under 6yrs, we spent the winter snuggled together on the lounger under doonas (blankets) reading Beatrix Potter.

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