See Me Homeschool: Thursday, February 19

 I am just squeaking into this linkup at Ordinary Lovely at the end of the month! The challenge is to show an actual homeschool day using only pictures and no words.  I’ve often kept track of our days using words, but never just pictures.  So I gave it a shot, using only (or mostly) time stamps.  See us homeschool on a fairly typical winter Tuesday in northern Mississippi…
breakfast 2-19
post breakfast 2-19
chores 2-19
 1015 playdough 2-19
reading 1015 2-19
morning time 2-19
Eli's lessons 2-19
1115 2-19 morning work
1145 Legos 2-19
lunch time 2-19
after lunch swords 2-19
reading before quiet time 2-19
quiet time
afternoon work 2-19
400 2-19
500 2-19
<Insert the pictures various people promised me from Crossfit, choir, and Boy Scouts but failed to take >
remains of the day
9:30 or, “The Remains of the Day.”
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  1. Love seeing all your pics, just as I imagined you day would look, complete with swords!:)
    Erin recently posted…When Drop Down Menus Won’t WorkMy Profile

  2. This was really neat to see, Angela! I might need to try this some time soon. I have read your day-in-the-life posts before, which are also really helpful, but this was like I was really seeing a peek into your home. Thanks for sharing!
    Celeste recently posted…Cate’s Kindergarten :: Exams, Term 2My Profile

    • Thanks, Celeste; it was fun to do! I have to say, though, that it looks so orderly in picture form… I kept wishing I could add audio at times to give everyone an idea of the decibel level!

  3. I love the day in pictures! I am impressed your kiddos let you get their pictures throughout the day. My crew tends to hide. LOL. Thank you for sharing!
    Sharon recently posted…“Precious things are conveyed to the younger generation through personal contact with those who teach, not – or at least not in the main – through textbooks. It is this that primarily constitutes and preserves culture.” EinsteinMy Profile

    • Well… I did have one child who didn’t want to be photographed. I think I have just one picture of him; for the rest he’s hiding behind books and such. But for the most part the kids thought it was a fun idea.

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