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My C-section is scheduled for this Friday, February 5, and the first phase of our kitchen remodel is just wrapping up this week.  January was a busy month! So… in other words… this is an odds and ends post.  To let you know, gentle reader, that I have not in fact disappeared into the ether.  Indeed, here are some of the things we were up to in January…

Getting Ready for the Baby

No, we are still not exactly ready for the baby.  We never really are.  But babies are a little like Christmas.  They come anyway, even when things aren’t perfect, and it usually works out.  You would not believe the amount of little pink clothes we have in the house now, though.  We are also proud owners of a car seat with a pink stripe and a Fisher Price rocking cradle with a pink cover.

(These are the sorts of things people buy when they have had six boys in a row and a girl turns up at the #9 position and the previous car seat has been worn out.  In case you’re wondering why we would buy big things that are so not gender neutral.  By the way, the link on the picture will take you to Amazon, where I am an affiliate, but we actually bought our rocker at Target, which was cheaper.)

I also spent January stocking the freezer with freezer meals I could cook in the crockpot or electric skillet.  Mostly I did this to survive our kitchen remodel (which hasn’t been as hard as I feared it would be, thank goodness!) but we have some overflow that we’ll use after the baby comes and my mom is here helping out.

So far the favorite recipe is Chicken Philly Cheese Steak from New Leaf Wellness. I ate mine bunless with some leftover potatoes on the side, but since then I have found some ridiculously expensive brown rice and millet bread in the freezer case at Whole Foods that I can eat.  I had hoped to leave it in the freezer so that Andy could bring me some to eat in the hospital instead of the marginal and bland gluten-free offerings that the hospital provides (which are never enough food or carbs to recover from surgery and produce milk, too), but I have already eaten most of the sandwich buns.

(Because of course preparing for baby is really all about having something to eat, right?)

Kitchen Remodel

By the end of the second day of work, our kitchen looked like this:

kitchen demolition(From Instagram)

Can lights had been cut in and installed, there was a new water line in the left-hand wall for the refrigerator, and a gas line had been installed in the wall in front of the laundry room for the new gas range.

By Day 4, the kitchen looked like this:

wall of cabinets(From Instagram)

sink(From Instagram… please pardon  the bad lighting.  I took the picture with my iPad and none of the filters made it any better.  So this is filterless and unedited.)

Now on our second week of construction the cabinets are all in and the trim is going up, the rest of the electric has been finished, walls and ceiling have been repaired, and I’m waiting to have the hood and temporary range installed.  They are having a really fantastically hard time with the crown molding because the ceiling is as unlevel as the floor.  We’ve had a few minor issues come up — the cabinets themselves are all a slightly different style than what we ordered, the sink cabinet and layout had to be modified to fit the sink because the sink cabinet they sent us was too small, the planned overhang on the island did (as I suspected it would) make the traffic lane through the kitchen far too squeezy. (I cut it from 12 inches down to 8, which I have been informed means people will knock their knees.  I’m not really concerned about people knocking their knees because mostly it will be kids standing at the island to help and the extra countertop space is totally necessary.)

But we didn’t discover any huge mold and rot problems behind the sink as I was afraid we would, and the new layout makes the kitchen look huge — like, I can’t believe how big it looks big.

Back to School

January was a bit hit and miss as far as school was concerned.  I would get something started only to have to stop because we needed to do a major clean-out of upstairs or make a whole bunch of freezer meals or pack up a kitchen.  School has actually been easier to get to now that the remodel is actually taking place because a) we are all stuck upstairs together anyway; b) I do not feel like getting up to do anything else; and c) dinner is already made.  So we’ve gotten back to our baseline of prayers, reading aloud, math, independent reading, and Latin for George.  (Katydid has four online classes to keep up with which she does on her own.  For literature, we came up with a list of short stories and novels for her to read or listen to on Audible, and for religion, she’s using The Ark and the Dove, the 3rd book in the series Our Quest for Happiness.)

We finally finished up Tree in the Trail at Morning Time and have moved on to Signs and Seasons: Understanding Classical Astronomy (sometimes), and Children of the New Forest and American Tall Tales by Adrien Stoutenberg (AO Year 3).  American Tall Tales is apparently teaching the boys the art of the brag.  For example:

“When we lived in New York, I once threw a snowball so hard it went back in time and killed the dinosaurs.  I got frostbite once and I bit it back.”

I think they get it.  But you have been warned.









  1. I will keep you in our prayers this week.

  2. Ohh sooo excited, have butterflies, not long till baby girl is here!!!!!

    Fantastic re the kitchen, it does look so much bigger.
    Isn’t getting our baseline done a wonderful feeling, not quite there yet myself or rather my baseline has shifted.

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