See Me Homeschool: Thursday, February 19

 I am just squeaking into this linkup at Ordinary Lovely at the end of the month! The challenge is to show an actual homeschool day using only pictures and no words.  I’ve often kept track of our days using words, but never just pictures.  So I gave it a shot, using only (or mostly) time […]

A Real Homeschool Day (at the Beginning of the School Year)

This week has been “Day in the Life” week at the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop and even though it’s only our second week back at formal studies, I thought I would play along.  I was going to keep track of Monday, but it blew by so fast I didn’t have a chance to take pictures.  Then […]

Revisiting Old Posts: A Homeschooler’s Day Out

I’m working on a new day-in-the-life for Day-in-the-Life week at the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop, but I think this one, back when we lived in New York and had chickens and six little kids, was more fun.  At least now that I’m done living it and can just read about it! 😉   The schools here […]

A Day in Our Life: A Photo Essay

Still on the table in the morning… I think the book is “The Eagle’s Wrath”.  Book 4 in a series. Not from last night, but recently and also found around the house in the morning: aluminum foil sailing ships Writing their names and “Do Not Enter” signs with hieroglyphic stamps while I read from A […]

Boys + Nature = Never a Dull Moment

This picture really doesn’t have anything to do with this post.  Except that sometimes I feel exactly like that little boat.  Sometimes I feel like my life is some kind of weird independent TV sitcom — kind of like The Andy Griffith Show on Nyquil.  Yesterday was the first Monday since January that we were […]

A Day in Our Summer Term

The schools in our area just started back, and many homeschoolers with them.  We’ve been working on our “summer term” since the beginning of July, and we’re beginning to look forward to our vacation to the Gulf Coast over Labor Day weekend.  Sometimes I think that maybe we should do what everybody else does and […]

A Day at Our House: It’s Spring

A corner of the “azalea garden” in our backyard I thought it had been a while since I posted one of our days.  In fact, I haven’t posted one since August. As usual, life has changed over the course of the year, although some things (morning prayers and chore times, for instance) remain fairly stable. […]