Ordinary Days: Finding Normal Again

I started writing this on Leap Day, 2/29.  The thunderstorms have come and gone, leaving a fair amount of mud for the boys to use for whatever purpose boys like to use mud. Outside my window: It’s spring. High clouds are moving in this afternoon after two blue and clear days in the 60’s. Thunderstorms in […]

Still Here… but not for long

My C-section is scheduled for this Friday, February 5, and the first phase of our kitchen remodel is just wrapping up this week.  January was a busy month! So… in other words… this is an odds and ends post.  To let you know, gentle reader, that I have not in fact disappeared into the ether.  […]

Getting Started on Our Kitchen Remodel

Or, A Long and Sordid Story in Which Nothing Much Happens Until Finally It Does. I mentioned in one of my last posts that we might finally be moving on our kitchen remodel.  When I sat down to write this post, I was thoroughly demoralized because it had turned out that we weren’t actually moving […]

A Peek at My Latest Projects

I didn’t mean to take a long blog break at the end of our spring term, but life has been pretty full for the past couple of months.  We had a high school graduation, Confirmation for the middle four boys, a two week driving school, Scout camp, weekly vision therapy for Chipmunk, a summer cold, […]

Ikea Hack Farmhouse Table

After posting about my shelves, I realized that the post about our new kitchen table (which you can see in the shelf post) was still in my drafts folder! We finally outgrew our old kitchen table this year.  To be honest, our table had been too small for a while.  It wasn’t a particularly big […]

Cracked Mason Jars

Jars of boysenberry jam, made from our own berries, cooling beside the stove. None of them are cracked and they all sealed. Do you ever have the feeling you’re being left behind? I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if life is just getting faster and more complicated, but lately I feel […]

Some stuff about October (and November)

October did not happen exactly how I planned it, and I haven’t been keeping up with the blog or my record keeping.  I guess that’s to be expected sometimes. I started a post about Halloween week during Halloween week, but it seemed a bit silly to post about Halloween on Election Day… or the day […]