The week at our house that was two weeks ago

Note: I started writing this post before we left on vacation, but didn’t finish it in time to post it.  So the week I am describing actually took place two weeks ago.   A quick post, so I can add it to the stack of my Learning in Review posts —  which have already been […]

This Week at Our House: Unschooling

I’m writing this on a Memorial Day weekend on which we are all down with a wicked sort of flu-something, involving sore throats, stuffy noses, and unfortunately tummies as well.  Mostly we have sat around watching our new streaming Netflix.  In the past few days various people have watched: Omega ManCurious George 2MythbustersModern Marvels: Monster […]

This Week at Our House: Winding Down

This week we began winding down into our summer “break”.  We take a 6 (ish) week break from required schoolwork (like math, or for the younger kids, formal reading lessons) about this time every year so we can start our “new” school year in July.  I got in the habit of doing this when we […]

These Weeks at Our House: April into May

The rest of April has zipped by in a blur of baseball games, archery, voice lessons, Scouts, and vision therapy, and somehow now it’s May and 90 degrees already.  I’m starting to get a little better at managing life (meaning dinner) around baseball games, courtesy of this 4-Real thread. But things are still a bit […]

The Past Three Weeks

I’m three weeks behind on learning reviews.   Week 1 (March something to March something else): I have a post started for a review of this week.  It’s called “Is It Over Yet”, and the post begins: “Also subtitled, “In Which Angela Contemplates Duct-taping her Four Year Old to a Chair, or How to Use a […]

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh

A Union soldier fires during the re-enactment of The Hornet’s Nest The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh is this weekend (Easter weekend), and to commemorate it, a vast re-enactment took place last weekend, March 29-April 1, on a piece of property adjacent to the national battlefield.  So this weekend we have been celebrating […]

An Inadvertent Field Trip

On Monday of last week we drove an hour and a half to pick up a cow from a local butcher.  Andy was taking the day off because he’d been gone since Wednesday of the week before.  We listened to Secrets Of A Civil War Submarine: Solving The Mysteries Of The H. L. Hunley all […]

A Day at Our House: It’s Spring

A corner of the “azalea garden” in our backyard I thought it had been a while since I posted one of our days.  In fact, I haven’t posted one since August. As usual, life has changed over the course of the year, although some things (morning prayers and chore times, for instance) remain fairly stable. […]

This Week at Our House

Sometimes I download pictures from the camera in order to remember what we did that week.  On Friday I plugged in the camera and discovered that there were 564 images since the last download. What that really means is that someone (or someones) did a lot of photography this week! What did I find on […]

Paracosms, Creativity, and Learning History

I once read an article about creativity and childhood that used the term “paracosm”. A paracosm is a kind of alternate reality children invent that has the feel of a real place.  It’s not just, “Why don’t we play explorers,” one day, it’s more like, “Why don’t we play explorers discovering a new country,” that […]