Week in Review: Habemus Papam and Beyond

So here’s another “weekly” review which really covers two weeks.  Two “we’re wrapping things up because life has given us a deadline” sort of weeks.  My C-section is officially scheduled for Good Friday at noon.  (I know.)  However, I had contractions that woke me up the other night and kept me up for an hour […]

Week in Review

I have no pictures, cute or otherwise, this week.  I’m still using my iPhone because I can’t find the battery recharger for the camera, and last week I also spilled a glass of water on my laptop keyboard, rendering it utterly useless.  For now I’m using the school laptop and when I try to check […]

Week in Review: It’s Been a While

I was thinking about writing a “Mid-Year Report” post, but it’s not really “mid-year” anymore, is it? So why not just jump back into some notes about where we are now? Where we are now is a rather cold (for northern Mississippi) and rainy February.  According to my Intellicast weather app, the average temperature for […]

Back to Work

No fancy photos in this post, I’m afraid… I’m just happy we survived the week! Ok, so maybe it wasn’t *that* bad.  But it was pretty rough in spots.  I had some down days and here at the end of the week, I’ve got two kids complaining of sore throats, so it doesn’t look as […]

C Week

Building a C with Alphabet Pattern Block Cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler… … which turned into sorting all the pattern blocks and stacking them in piles…    We read a couple of books about classification…   And a couple of Chemistry books…   And also Capyboppy, an old favorite. I had wanted to do […]

Some stuff about October (and November)

October did not happen exactly how I planned it, and I haven’t been keeping up with the blog or my record keeping.  I guess that’s to be expected sometimes. I started a post about Halloween week during Halloween week, but it seemed a bit silly to post about Halloween on Election Day… or the day […]

B Week: Building, Bubbles, and the Bishop

A B week activity for (almost) all ages In our second segment of the Alphabet Path, I’m thinking that I need to make some tweaks to our process.  This is what the boys like about the Alphabet Path: They like having the structure of “A week,” “B week,” “C week” to look forward to. They […]

The Alphabet Path: "A" Week of Apples

Peeling apples for French Apple Pie We finished up our A week last Friday, and the boys immediately began asking what we were doing for B week, so I would say it was a success.  They didn’t want to do everything I offered them, and they thought the fairies were a little girly, but… overall, […]

My Week in Review

Also subtitled, Dear God, what am I going to do if you send me another boy??? Don’t get me wrong.  I know that parenting girls comes with its own set of problems.  I mean, theoretically.  I only have one girl to parent, and she doesn’t seem to have a lot of those problems, probably because […]

Learning Highlights from Last Week

Some highlights from the last week or so… Chipmunk turned five!  He got some real tools for his birthday and has been spending a lot of time pounding nails into wood scraps, and screwing and unscrewing wood screws. He’s also been fascinated by Can You See What I See?: Toyland Express: Picture Puzzles to Search […]