The End of June

The last half of June was busy! It wrapped up in a cold for almost everyone, but the kids got to do some interesting things.  June also wraps up our school year, which I count as a real year from July 1 to June 30.  As of yesterday, I now have a senior, a sophomore, […]

2013-2014 in Review: Family Work (Grades 5, 2, and 1)

I had good intentions this year of keeping up with my weekly reviews, but reviewing our learning is like cleaning the playroom upstairs.  As soon as I let one week slide by (or one day, in the case of the playroom), the stuff starts to pile up, so I make the promise, I’ll do it […]

Winter Term in Review: Elementary

All Amazon links are affiliate links. This week my teenagers’ outside classes are having their spring break, and I am shouting hallelujah.  No classes, no fencing, no youth group, no voice lessons – nada.  How am I spending my week? Cleaning. Organizing. Catching up on high school record keeping.  (I’m exciting like that.) Actually, we […]

Homeschooling High School: What Worked and What Didn’t, Fall 2013

I had a long list of things to do on our Christmas break.  I wanted to update high school reading lists and transcripts.  I wanted to order any new books we needed.  I wanted to get ahead on the assignment blogs I use for my teenagers.  And I wanted to review the last semester as […]

A Day in Our Life: A Photo Essay

Still on the table in the morning… I think the book is “The Eagle’s Wrath”.  Book 4 in a series. Not from last night, but recently and also found around the house in the morning: aluminum foil sailing ships Writing their names and “Do Not Enter” signs with hieroglyphic stamps while I read from A […]

Little pieces of the new school year

For the past three weeks, I have been trying to write a “week in review” post.  Needless to say, I haven’t succeeded.  Not in writing an entire post, anyway.  I’ve been pretty successful in writing little fragments of posts, though.  So, in the interests of future me, who likes to print out the “learning in […]

Morning Time and Beyond

It’s hard to say whether or not we have an official starting school date this year, because my teenagers never stopped school.  They spent June and July feverishly trying to finish Algebra I before their co-op math classes began on August 6.  They took their last algebra quiz on August 5 and then their classes […]

Wrapping up July

On Tuesday my teens start their co-op classes and are officially “back to school”.  I’m still working on the “home” part of our homeschooling, but it looks as if August will be our month to start.  Wrapping up the rest of July… Swim lessons ended for the boys, and they were all passed to the […]

July is a New Year

(I signed up for Jen’s 7 Posts in 7 Days Blogging Challenge yesterday. I tend to write long posts that take me forever — witness this one, which has been in my drafts folder for almost two weeks.  I’m hoping to get back into the habit of blogging this week, kick some drafts out of […]