Winter Term Ending

I got on Facebook yesterday to ask a local homeschool group about driving schools, and Facebook informed me that it had been fifteen days since my last blog post.  “Write another post?” it said, and so, sure, here I am.  I’ve been meaning to show you a little bit from our winter term, which we […]

Learning in Review: Encyclopedias and Art (Weeks 21 and 22)

In the continuing saga of trying to get our kitchen remodel going… the bid came in, and the cost of cabinets alone was going to take up our complete budget.  So Andy and I did what we always do when faced with exorbitant costs for furniture that we need… we started looking at Ikea.  Unfortunately, […]

Learning in Review: In Which We Get a New Dog and a New Schedule (Weeks 19 and 20)

It’s been so long since I’ve written — here or anywhere — that I think my knuckles have rusted. For a long time I was living on the Gardenweb Appliance Forum.  I think Andy was relieved to leave on business last week, considering the fact that he’s been continually ambushed with new kitchen range data […]

Learning in Review: Third Week of Advent (Week 18)

These notes are in a more traditional note format because I wanted to reassure myself that we were at least accomplishing something for the last week of the semester.  But mostly what I noticed was that we watch a lot of TV.  Anyway, this is what I can remember about the third week of Advent.  […]

Christmas School

Sometimes you just have to say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”   I posted this picture on Instagram last week.  I thought about taking a better picture with the real camera today, but some small person has all but erased the bottom two rows.  The disadvantages of hanging an easily visible whiteboard in […]

Learning in Review: First Week of Advent (Week 16)

In my last Learning-in-Review post I mentioned (briefly) that I had hoped this week would be a more “normal” routine for us, but that it did not in fact turn out that way.  I jotted down a few notes on Monday, which will perhaps give you a feel for what the week was like: Monday […]

Learning in Review: Catching up on November (Weeks 13, 14, 15)

I started writing this post right after Thanksgiving, but it’s taken me a long time to finish.  Therefore, some of this post is out of date.  Rather than scrapping what I’ve already written, I’m just going to add some editorial notes so it won’t seem as if I’ve been frozen in time. I actually had […]

The All Saints Day Virus… plus The Redwall Cookbook and I clean a room (Week 12)

Earlier this year, I mentioned our September virus, which always hits around the beginning or middle of September.  We have another predictable virus that shows up around All Saints Day every year.  This year we actually made it to Mass on All Saints Day and then out to dinner with Andy’s family to celebrate his […]

Halloween (Week 11)

We’re a few days into NaNoWriMo right now and have a little virus going around the house and besides that I have been working on my part of the college application process, so the week in review for last week is going to be short on notes and heavy on Halloween photos.  Halloween was cold […]

Back to Work (Week 10)

The only problem with waiting until the end of the week to write things up is that I forget things.  Like what picture books I read to Leo.  And sometimes my own name.  JM is in that stage that most of my kids have gone through as toddlers, in which sleep is like a punishment […]