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Oct 18

October 18, 2013


Seven Quick Takes about books, furniture, and life with boys

One Such a nice and surprising thing happened to me last weekend.  We celebrated Gareth and the twins’ birthdays with my inlaws by going out to eat.  Just as we were getting up to leave, a woman stopped me and asked me if I was Angel and I just blinked at her for a minute and said I was (most people I know in real life don’t call me by that name), and then she told me she recognized me…

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Aug 10

August 10, 2013


7 Quick Takes — It’s hot

One So it’s finally summertime.  Upper 90′s, 90% humidity — hot, sticky, hot, sticky.  And the schools have just started back.  Weird. Two Gareth and Katydid just finished their first week of co-op classes.  There was some trepidation in the beginning, but as it turns out, they’re both really enjoying themselves.  It turns out they know some people, and the math teacher seems to be giving them a vacation.  I have to confess that I’m not used to feeling like…

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Apr 27

April 27, 2013


Seven Quick Takes Recovery Edition

  OneI’ve had two quick takes written for the past two weeks, and that’s been about the extent of my ability to think coherently. Otherwise I’ve been nursing, trying to get everybody (including me and my husband) fed, and reading books on my Kindle I’m never going to remember because I’m too tired.  Oh, and watching Food Network.  Will I ever be able to put together a brunch like Bobby Flay? Probably not. Especially since my older kids have started…

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Mar 9

March 9, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

One Spring is finally coming! It’s late for this area.  We had a warmish day and we all ran outside and planted cabbage.  My friend Nicole (who lives down the street) is also the contact for the Bonnie Plant school program for our homeschool group, and she showed up one morning with the back of her (enormous) truck completely full of plants… for free.    And then my husband bought 90 strawberry plants when he thought he was buying 9 (they…

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Feb 23

February 23, 2013


Seven Quick Takes #… something

One So I’m 34 weeks pregnant today, and I have reached the point at which 34 weeks is indistinguishable from about a million.  This might be because my belly is at the perfect level right now for small boys to head-butt and bounce off.  But honestly, I have no idea how I once gestated twins.  I know I was ginormous — I think by this point I was measuring at least 40 weeks (or more) — but good grief.  Of…

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Jan 25

January 25, 2013


Seven Quick Takes

  One While the northern part of the country is frozen in an Arctic air mass, I saw narcissus almost in flower when I was driving to my doctor’s appointment yesterday.  Living in Mississippi throws me for a loop sometimes.  I had just settled myself in for winter, but now — spring! Anyway, it’s coming, y’all.  It’ll get up there eventually. Two Since I finished the books I was reading, I’ve been prowling around, starting books and casting them aside…

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Dec 15

December 15, 2012


Seven Quick Takes Saturday Again

You know, I wrote these quick takes yesterday about the same time I heard the news about the school in Connecticut.  Then I didn’t have the heart to publish them, because they are all very silly in the grand scheme of things.  I spent some time with my five year old yesterday.  He came with me — by himself, a treat in a large family – to pick up our bulk order of oranges and potatoes, and we snuggled up…

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Dec 1

December 1, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Saturday: On the Eve of Advent

One Because I like to start posts with a photo.  We went on a longish nature walk as a family the day after Thanksgiving.  This is one of exactly two photos I took.  Katydid had the camera the rest of the time, but for a few minutes she abandoned it in favor of her binoculars. Two And a big thank you to one of my readers — Melissa R, who found an old bird book on her shelves and graciously…

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Jul 28

July 28, 2012

Five Quick Takes… Saturday?

This started out as a Seven Quick Takes post, but I’ve only got five this week.  Must get back to watching Olympic fencing! (And my mom and dad will be visiting this weekend, too.) One I’m still working on those planning posts I promised, but this is the end of our third week of school.  It has been a little intense.  On the one hand, everyone was clearly ready for me to structure our time a little more.  On the…

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Jun 22

June 22, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: Chores and other natural oddities

One The chore situation, which I mentioned in this post, continues.  I am sure my kids think their mother has suddenly become a schizophrenic.  I try really, really hard to be patient, to encourage boys to do chores out of their own free will… but there is stuff around here that really needs to be done, and I need help doing it.  So then I start saying things like, “Have you done your three chores so I can pay you…

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