Learning in Review

For many years, I’ve used this blog to keep track of our learning with review posts.  Sometimes I’ve done this weekly, and at other times monthly or by term.  I print out these posts at the end of our school year (usually in June) and file them in a binder as a record of our year.  The kids always like looking through these posts and I do, too.

What sort of work makes it into the typical Learning in Review post? Not usually any day-to-day textbook work, as in math or phonics.  What you’re seeing in these posts is a summary of what made the week, month, or term unique… not the consistency of something we did every day and that didn’t involve glitter.

(When my kids were younger, there was lots of glitter.)

Occasionally, I also like to keep track of one of our days in blow-by-blow fashion.  You can find those posts under the category A Day at Our House.

You are more than welcome to take a peek at how our days have gone over the years.  I am still in the process of moving posts from my old Typepad blog, so check back to see my progress in this category.