Learning in Review: Week 6 and 7

Weeks 6 and 7 (the two weeks before Halloween week) were been busy ones — in a good way, and in a not so good way, too.   I am seriously contemplating going to a 6 weeks on/1 week off year-round calendar next year.  I’m not sure how to make that work around high school students […]

Learning in Review 2015-16: Weeks 3, 4, and 5, in which I try to cover the basics

Some years time seems to go by quickly.  Second trimesters tend to do that, too.  The good news is that some of that second trimester energy has finally kicked in for me, and I have been able to tackle some of the problem areas in the house which have gotten out of control over the […]

My First Podcast… and a Morning Time update

A little shameless self promotion this morning… I recently had the privilege of talking to Pam at Ed Snapshots about how we have Morning Time with our larger than average family.  I wasn’t sure what to expect about recording a podcast but it was a lot of fun! You can find the podcast here: YMB#5: […]

First week of the new school year… sort of

I’m trying to fix an issue with Feedly, which doesn’t seem to be updating my feed.  So if some of you see this twice, I apologize. I keep pushing back the beginning of our school year.  First I was hoping to do some work with the boys in July and August when it was hot […]

Winter Term Ending

I got on Facebook yesterday to ask a local homeschool group about driving schools, and Facebook informed me that it had been fifteen days since my last blog post.  “Write another post?” it said, and so, sure, here I am.  I’ve been meaning to show you a little bit from our winter term, which we […]

See Me Homeschool: Thursday, February 19

 I am just squeaking into this linkup at Ordinary Lovely at the end of the month! The challenge is to show an actual homeschool day using only pictures and no words.  I’ve often kept track of our days using words, but never just pictures.  So I gave it a shot, using only (or mostly) time […]

A Homemade Calendar of Firsts

Last year at this time I was reading Laurie Bestvater’s book The Living Page and finding myself, like many others, inspired to get back into the habit of keeping notebooks.  One of the notebooks she mentioned that set off a particularly bright light bulb for me was the Calendar of Firsts. A Calendar of Firsts […]

Seven Quick Takes from Our First Week of School

One In a gesture of hope, I posted a new schedule on the refrigerator. The baby, of course, viewed this as a challenge.  A “Let’s see how many times a night I can get up” challenge.  Also a, “Do I really have to go back to sleep if I wake up at 3 AM?” challenge.  […]

Science Notebooks

We are deep into our crazy period of the summer, in which kids fling themselves to the nine winds and Mom has to be in three different places at once to pick them up. (They’ve been having a lot of fun, and I’ve kind of enjoyed seeing different parts of the city.  Still — a […]

The Living Page: Copybooks (and Special Needs)

I’m joining Jen again this week for her discussion of The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater.  This week’s discussion centers on pages 26-38, or more notebook examples from Chapter 2: A Gallery of Forms. And there are quite a few of those forms listed in this part of the chapter, enough to be a little […]