Ordinary Days: Finding Normal Again

I started writing this on Leap Day, 2/29.  The thunderstorms have come and gone, leaving a fair amount of mud for the boys to use for whatever purpose boys like to use mud. Outside my window: It’s spring. High clouds are moving in this afternoon after two blue and clear days in the 60’s. Thunderstorms in […]

Ordinary Days: Mid-July Daybook

What’s the Weather: It’s July in Mississippi.  Highs in the upper 90’s with humidity levels to match.  Highs to hit 100 in the next few days.  (Translating all this into Celsius for my non-American readers… that would be 37.7 degrees C.) It’s an average summer.  We just got back from spending a few days in […]

Hello, 2015: A Daybook

Outside my Window… Reflections of Christmas lights still up, and a pale winter blue sky fading into peach sunset.  It’s been raining and cloudy for so long a cold, clear day is a real relief. What I’m Hearing… Sniffling and coughing.  And three of the boys playing Weeping Angels, or Ninja, or something like Freeze […]

Ordinary Days: Mid-May Daybook

So many bits and pieces of life slide by when it’s moving this fast… time for a daybook! Linking up with Jenny at The Littlest Way today… What’s the Weather: I leaned out the door this morning to tell Andy good-bye and… humidity. Hazy clouds shading the sky then breaking up, half-heartedly.  That lemon-white sun […]