Ordinary Days: Finding Normal Again

I started writing this on Leap Day, 2/29.  The thunderstorms have come and gone, leaving a fair amount of mud for the boys to use for whatever purpose boys like to use mud. Outside my window: It’s spring. High clouds are moving in this afternoon after two blue and clear days in the 60’s. Thunderstorms in […]

Still Here… but not for long

My C-section is scheduled for this Friday, February 5, and the first phase of our kitchen remodel is just wrapping up this week.  January was a busy month! So… in other words… this is an odds and ends post.  To let you know, gentle reader, that I have not in fact disappeared into the ether.  […]

Getting Started on Our Kitchen Remodel

Or, A Long and Sordid Story in Which Nothing Much Happens Until Finally It Does. I mentioned in one of my last posts that we might finally be moving on our kitchen remodel.  When I sat down to write this post, I was thoroughly demoralized because it had turned out that we weren’t actually moving […]