2015-2016 in Review: What Worked

Most of us (except for Katydid, who just finished her last class) have been on summer break for a couple of weeks now.  It wasn’t that we actually came to the end of work; instead, I just declared it was time for a break.  This hasn’t been the worst year, academics-wise, that we could have […]

Learning in Review 2015-16: Weeks 3, 4, and 5, in which I try to cover the basics

Some years time seems to go by quickly.  Second trimesters tend to do that, too.  The good news is that some of that second trimester energy has finally kicked in for me, and I have been able to tackle some of the problem areas in the house which have gotten out of control over the […]

Winter Term Ending

I got on Facebook yesterday to ask a local homeschool group about driving schools, and Facebook informed me that it had been fifteen days since my last blog post.  “Write another post?” it said, and so, sure, here I am.  I’ve been meaning to show you a little bit from our winter term, which we […]